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Basically, line-up of "Stop Band" is duet
Anna Sarnicka (vocal, violin)
Ryszard Pokorski (guitar, keyboards and vocal)

however we can play in other configurations as trio, quartet or quintet. We play different kinds of music - from evergreens, through country, rock, blues and reggae to dance (for listening check here).
Our repertoire consists of the world's most famous hits, standards, instrumental tracks (follow here)
and our own compositions (see here ).
At present we perform in Poland (see photos). here
We provide all kinds of musical entertainment:
1.- Concerts - first of all own rock'n'roll and blues music;
     Time duration: 90 minutes.
2.- Music for dancing and listening for pubs, clubs,
     restaurants, hotels
    - rock, blues, reggae, dance, pop, evergreens, world hits;
     Time duration: 3 x 45 minutes.
3.- Balls, banquets, parties - rock, blues, reggae, dance,
     pop, evergreens, world hits;
     Time duration: 3 - 6 x 45 minutes.
We also possess own sound and light equipment
which can be used dependently on needs.
*Anna Sarnicka - soloist singer, violin.
*Ryszard Pokorski - guitar, keyboards, vocal
- playing from 30 years in Belgium, Holland, Swiss,
  Germany, Osterich, Norway, Luxembourg in best nightclubs
  and cabarets (In bands "KRAM", "GALAXY", "STOP Band")
- from 1996 guitar, keyboard and vocal in "STOP Band",
- till 2004 working in pubs and nightclubs in Warsaw,
- from November 2004 till now playing in Cyprus
"Sunrise Beach Hotel", "TSOKKOS Hotels", "Mermaid Hotel", "TOMMYS Pub"
   "Sfinks Night Club", "Adams Beach Hotel", "Aenas Hotel",
   "Grecian Hotels", "Aquasol Hotels" "Olympic Lagoon Resort"
"Riu Cypria Hotels","St.George Hotel","Aphrodite Hills Intercontinental",
   "Athina Hotel", "Coral Beach","ALEXANDER The Great","Crown HORIZON"
    & pubs BENS, EVIS, PRINCE
   "ELIAS Beach Hotel", "NAVARRIA Hotel" "AQUARIUS Hotel" "St.RAPHAEL Hotel"
   "PARK Beach Hotel" "WOODSTOK Irish Pub",
   "The Woodman Irish Pub", "Happy Jack Pub"